Thursday, July 7, 2011


So, as some of you know, I recently spent about 5 days traveling through the north of Peru. I started in a desert city at the foot of the Andes called Trujillo, and then moved on to the highland city of  Cajamarca. I had a blast, but there is way too much to write about in one post. In exchange for taking some weekdays off of work to travel, I agreed to write about my experiences in a series of posts on the Karikuy blog site. Out of simplicity, I will link each of them here! :)

Trujillo: An Archaeologists Dream
Trujillo: An Archaeologist's Dream

"Having stayed put in Lima these past 4 weeks, I decided it was about time to see some other parts of the country. Not that Lima isn’t full of things to see (even if I lived here a year I doubt I’d be able to see everything), I just felt like I needed to experience other regions of this beautiful country in order to fully appreciate it and all it has to offer."

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