Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anyone Want Some Raw Fish?

 Okay, so we didn't exactly eat raw fish. Well...kind of.

Last week Julio finally brought us to one of his favorite local places to get grub - an amazingly well-hidden but wonderful Cevicheria. For those of you who don't know about Ceviche, it's a popular dish in Peru, and in many other South American countries, comprised of raw fish in lime juice. The acidity of the lime juice technically "cooks" the fish, so it's safe to eat, and other added spices make it quite tasty! As someone who doesn't really enjoy a lot of fish, it was pretty good!

While the Ceviche was pretty delicious, I could not get over the huge tentacles poking out of the pile, so I opted for something a little more tame. I shared a platter of calamari with the group, and then opted for a shrimp pasta.
The pasta was so good, I didn't want to finish it for fear of never tasting anything as delicious ever again. But my housemates did convince me to finish it and I managed to leave the lunch table only having shed a tear or two (I kid). 
All in all, a delicious lunch. I'm hoping we make a repeat visit to this amazing eatery sometime soon!


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