Monday, June 20, 2011

Magical Circuits of Water

Last Wednesday, the Karikuy volunteers went on a nighttime outing to the Park of the Reserve - also known by it's alternate name "Magical Circuits of Water" (no joke!) - home of the largest water fountain park in the world. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 4pm-11pm, the park boasts an impressive array of fountains lit up by colored lights. More akin to art exhibits than normal waterworks, each fountain has its own soundtrack and color-scheme. Some are even interactive!
It was really cool to walk through and see all of the beautiful lights, but the main attraction was the   30 minute laser show that took place each hour at the main fountain. Set to an array of different instrumental pieces, green lasers were projected through a fine mist of fountain water - that served as a screen. In addition to whirling geometric shapes created by the lasers, there were also images of Peruvians doing traditional dances. There was even a ballerina projection during the Swan Lake instrumental (shown below).
Out of everything we saw in the park, I had two favorites. The first was the "Fountain of Surprises", which consisted of an arc-shaped column of water that you could walk through.
My second favorite was a circular fountain - I forget what its official name was - that spit water in different rhythms and patterns. The center of the fountain was a circle with a diameter of about 5 feet that didn't project any water - so the goal was to run into the center and back without getting wet. This was super tricky, and pretty hysterical.
Towards the end of the park, we came across the beautiful fountain below, which sparked a whole series of Double Rainbow jokes. It never gets old!
2011 Karikuy June Volunteers 
After the park, we went to a local Polleria where we all tried Pollo a la Braza - a popular local dish which consists of chicken cooked over a fire on a rotating skewer. It was delicious!
Pollo a la braza
The perfect evening followed by the perfect food. What a great Wednesday! :)


For more information about the Park of the Reserve, or to get a different take on it, read my housemate Stu's recent Karikuy blog post on the evening here!

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